Dion Fortune

Applied Magic

Applied Magic Dion Fortune — Applied Magic is a selection of Dion Fortune's writings on the practical applications of magical and esoteric techniques. Everyone has the ability to access the invisible planes of existence— a whole kingdom of mind and spirit— which cannot be perceived with the physical senses. Fortune provides invaluable guidance to anyone intent on increasing their inner awareness. She declares, “Esoteric tradition admits of no exclusiveness; it is the very essence of its spirit that it blasphemes no God that has been hallowed by our devotion. It sees all religions as the expressions of our spirit rather than the personal revelation of a jealous God to His chosen people. It suffers from neither superstitious awe nor bigoted fear.”Contents1. The Occult Way2. Some Practical Applications of Occultism3. The Group Mind4. The Psychology of Ritual5. The Circuit of Force6. The Three Kinds of Reality7. Non-humans8. Black Magic9. A Magical Body10. The Occult Field Today11. Esoteric Glossary
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