Marcus Tullius Cicero

Treatises on Friendship and Old Age

115 printed pages
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    Nicolas Palacioshas quoted3 years ago
    Accordingly, the death of young men seems to me like putting out a great fire with a deluge of water; but old men die like a fire going out because it has burnt down of its own nature without artificial means
    Nicolas Palacioshas quoted3 years ago
    What the object of senile avarice may be I cannot conceive. For can there be anything more absurd than to seek more journey money, the less there remains of the journey?
    Nicolas Palacioshas quoted3 years ago
    But, it will be said, old men are fretful, fidgety, ill-tempered, and disagreeable. If you come to that, they are also avaricious. But these are faults of character, not of the time of life.

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