Immanuel Kant

The Critique of Pure Reason

799 printed pages



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    Grazielle Mae Lauzhas quoted10 months ago
    We find that reason perpetually comes to a stand, when it attempts to gain à priori the perception even of those laws which the most common experience confirms.
    Grazielle Mae Lauzhas quoted10 months ago
    We find it compelled to retrace its steps in innumerable instances, and to abandon the path on which it had entered, because this does not lead to the desired result.
    Grazielle Mae Lauzhas quotedlast year
    As regards clearness, the reader has a right to demand, in the first place, discursive or logical clearness, that is, on the basis of conceptions, and, secondly, intuitive or æsthetic clearness, by means of intuitions, that is, by examples or other modes of illustration in concreto.

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