Sigmund Freud

A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis

587 printed pages
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    Шана Македонскаяhas quoted5 years ago
    With words one man can make another blessed, or drive him to despair
    Mau Pérez Dávilahas quoted3 years ago
    The material out of which something is made, is at the same time its mother-part. In the symbolic use of wood for woman, mother, this ancient conception still lives.
    Mau Pérez Dávilahas quoted3 years ago
    dream distortion is a consequence of the censorship practised by accredited tendencies of the ego against those wish-impulses that are in any way shocking, impulses which stir in us nightly during sleep. Why these wish-impulses come just at night, and whence they come—these are questions which will bear considerable investigation.

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