Brandon Sanderson

    Ruan Van Stadenhas quoted6 months ago
    Respond to demands with silence, respond to challenges with questions.
    emsrizkyhas quotedlast year
    Love must be allowed to flow both ways—if it is not, then it is not truly love, I think. It is something else. Infatuation, perhaps? Either way, there are some of us who are far too quick to make martyrs of ourselves.
    Eduarda Lopeshas quoted9 months ago
    If she simply accepts the way people treat her, then it won’t be long before they assume she deserves the position they’ve placed her in
    Ruan Van Stadenhas quoted4 months ago
    A man was defined not by his flaws, but by how he overcame them.
    Ruan Van Stadenhas quoted3 months ago
    There are two ways to stay safe, Reen's voice whispered to her. Either be so quiet and harmless that people ignore you, or be so dangerous that they're terrified of you.
    b1688561756has quoted2 years ago
    man whistled as he unwrapped the cloth, revealing a long, thin-bladed sword in a silver sheath. The hilt was pure black.
    b1688561756has quoted2 years ago
    slamming the cell door shut with a clang.
    b1688561756has quoted2 years ago
    While the bottom half of his cell door was solid wood, the top half was barred, and he could see the three guards open his large duffel and riffle through his possessions.
    b1688561756has quoted2 years ago
    The guard was an oversized beast of a man with a shaved head and a dirty uniform that barely retained the bright yellow and blue coloring of the T’Telir city guard.
    b1688561756has quoted2 years ago
    Vasher turned away. His cell was functional, if unoriginal. A thin slit at the top of one wall let in light, the stone walls dripped with water and moss, and a pile of dirty straw decomposed in the corner.

    “You ignoring me?” the guar
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