Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is an American fantasy and science fiction writer. He is best known for his Mistborn series and his work in finishing Robert Jordan's epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time. In 2010, Sanderson published The Way of Kings, the first of a ten-book series called The Stormlight Archive.

Sanderson worked as an editor for the semi-professional magazine Leading Edge while attending school at Brigham Young University, where he now periodically teaches creative writing. In 2008 Sanderson started a podcast with author Dan Wells and cartoonist Howard Tayler called Writing Excuses, involving topics about creating and producing genre writing and webcomics.
years of life: 19 December 1975 present




Ruan Van Stadenhas quoted5 months ago
Respond to demands with silence, respond to challenges with questions.
emsrizkyhas quotedlast year
Love must be allowed to flow both ways—if it is not, then it is not truly love, I think. It is something else. Infatuation, perhaps? Either way, there are some of us who are far too quick to make martyrs of ourselves.
Eduarda Lopeshas quoted7 months ago
If she simply accepts the way people treat her, then it won’t be long before they assume she deserves the position they’ve placed her in


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Очень крутой опыт - смотреть как кто-то другой создаёт истории.

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    Brandon Sanderson,Dan Wells,Howard Tayler,Mary Robinette Kowal
    Shadows Beneath: The Writing Excuses Anthology
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    Все очень углубилось, масштаб вырос. Интересно, что будет дальше

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    Brandon Sanderson
    Rhythm of War (STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE)
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    Brandon Sanderson
    The Final Empire
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