Colin Patrick Garvey

Hello, my name is Colin Patrick Garvey and I am the author of The Fallen Race Trilogy. I have written and published the first two books of the trilogy, Book I: The Disappearance and Book II: The Revelations, and I am currently writing the third installment of the series, Book III: The Resistance. Besides the trilogy, I have written short stories and two feature-length screenplays, one of which recently reached the semifinal round of the Nashville Screenplay Competition. I have a diverse range of interests, but my passions and my loves are my family (my beautiful wife and two kids), music, sports, and of course, creative writing. I currently work (my "occupation" that pays most of the bills) as an investigator in the financial services industry, but my dream is obviously to be a full-time writer. Thanks for visiting my Goodreads page and if you want to learn more about the trilogy or read my blog, come check out


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