Colin Patrick Garvey

Book III

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The invasion was swift, relentless, and brutal in its totality. The onslaught annihilated the military forces of the world and obliterated each and every sovereign nation occupying the planet. Nothing and no one withstood a chance in the face of the merciless and uncompromising aggressors. The professional soldiers, warriors, and mercenaries of the world fought bravely and courageously, but it was all for naught. The planet's infrastructure has been decimated, precious works of art and timeless pieces of literature have been vaporized in the blink of an eye, and mankind's historic monuments and breathtaking towers of technological progress have been toppled. In a post-invasion world, scattered pockets of human survivors have been relegated to the outermost edges of the planet, their numbers few and their prospects dim, lacking any leaders to guide them. No one wanted the burden of undertaking the most important and difficult human endeavor in history: to rescue the human race from the brink of extinction, expel the invaders, and reclaim the planet. When it seemed that no one would be willing to lead the survivors, one man stepped in to fill the void, to offer hope in a hopeless world. This man has placed upon the shoulders of the ordinary citizen the fate of the world, and his followers have responded with determination and fortitude. The man's name is Sean O'Connell and finally, at long last, a resistance has formed.
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