Dwight Lyman Moody



Kez Kezhas quoted2 years ago
No apostle says so much against salvation by works before the cross, as Paul; and none says so much about works after the cross.
Kez Kezhas quoted2 years ago
Oh, let us seek to realize our continual dependence on this grace every moment! ‘More grace! more grace!’ should be our continual cry. But the infinite supply is commensurate with the infinite need. The treasury of grace, though always emptying is always full: the key of prayer which opens it is always at hand: and the almighty Almoner of the blessings of grace is always waiting to the gracious. The recorded promise never can be canceled or reversed—’My grace is sufficient for thee.’
Kez Kezhas quoted2 years ago
The grace of God is the source of minor temporal as well as of higher spiritual blessings.
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