Dwight Lyman Moody,Charles H.Spurgeon,John Chapman,Benjamin Fay Mills,Thomas De Witt Talmage

The Way of Life

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Choose you this day whom ye will serve. ¬– Joshua 24:15
This life will not last forever. The trumpet will one day sound and call you forth from your narrow bed. The graves will be opened, and you will be summoned forth to meet your God. The proud heart that rejects or mocks Christianity down here will be compelled to listen to the judgment sentence of God. The ears that will not obey the sound of the church-going bell will be compelled to obey the sound of the last trumpet. The eyes that behold evil here will one day gaze upon the spotless throne of God. Do not forever disobey. May God help you to submit your proud will without delay in loving, childlike obedience to Him.
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