Colin McCrate

Colin McCrate

Colin has been growing food organically for the past 15 years. He worked on a variety of small farms in the Midwest before moving to the west coast in 2003 to teach garden-based environmental education. He founded the Seattle Urban Farm Company in January of 2007 with the goal of applying years of horticultural and agricultural expertise to help aspiring growers get projects off the ground or more accurately; in the ground: so he bought a truck, grabbed a shovel and got to work.Over the past seven years, he has helped guide hundreds of urban farmers through the design, construction and management of their own edible landscape. He works with clients through the entire design/build process because he believes that cohesion and attention to detail are what make each project unique and successful. He prides himself on creating environmentally responsible and long-lasting garden elements. Sourcing quality materials and locally adapted plants ensures the long-term health and beauty of these landscapes. The author of two books; Food Grown Right, In Your Backyard(Mountaineers Books, 2012) and The High-Yield Garden Planner (Storey Publishing, 2015); Colin believes that there will always be more to learn and share of his experiences. Colin thrives on pioneering new ideas and empowering city dwellers to reap the rewards of local food production. He believes that sustainable urban agriculture can promote healthy diets, environmental stewardship, stronger communities and improved quality of life. He hopes that developing economically sound, city-based farming ventures will increase public awareness of agricultural issues and foster a greater appreciation of farmers everywhere.
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