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b0252577358has quoted2 years ago
need more. I need to get my next dose as soon as I can. Where can I go this time? Rome, Singapore, Phoenix? Anywhere, please. Can I book my tickets right now? Something to look forward to? Can I do it? Please. Please. Otherwise, I won’t make it. Life is just so unbearably dull.
b0252577358has quoted2 years ago
guess I’m like many other people, and there is not so much that’s extraordinary about me. I’m simple. I’m raw. I’m not at all unique in any way. I like the sun, I hate the rain — things like that. What is truly important, is that I madly love travelling. It’s not just a stupid hobby for me, something evolved out of boredom or having too much money; it’s not what I do when I save some extra cash and have two weeks worth of vacation guaranteed by the always-too-friendly HR people at some faceless international company I could be working for. It’s just me. I can’t live any other way. Perhaps, I travel too much. It would make some other people sick. The problem is that I’m addicted to traveling, and I love it.
Shomahas quoted2 years ago
So what, I was framed for a date.


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👍Worth reading

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