Tanya von Varchmin



cindy michellahas quotedlast year
I tried to slow down. It was painful, and it took time. My brain was still going at full speed
Баталова Евгенияhas quoted2 years ago
Just think about it. It is constant change, the act of consuming other people’s bodies, emotions, unique quirks. The bizarre soundtrack of New York reminds me of a boyfriend I once had. The many vivid smells of Milan bring memories of a girl I once had a crush on and her beautiful freckled face. The dull colors of Berlin take me back in time to someone I can’t even remember: I only have a taste of his dry lips tucked away somewhere deep in the corners of my mouth. I am always going places or thinking about cities I’ve just returned from. I’m always somewhere in-between and never entirely there
Баталова Евгенияhas quoted2 years ago
Nature seems so personal, as if it was created only for our wondering eyes.


Francisco Arturo Gonzalez Velascoshared an impression2 years ago
👍Worth reading

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    Tanya von Varchmin
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