John was born in Southern Rhodesia, went to Plumtree School in Rhodesia, fought in the bush war and did journalism in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. He completed his articles to become a Chartered Accountant in Zimbabwe and lived in Salisbury/Harare throughout his youth in an exquisite family household, with a lovely garden and his cats. On the surface of a stereotypical existence and one that belies the vortex of lunacy and criminality, his life devolved into a nutcase of the first order who found enlightenment in, of all places, the concrete jungle that is London. Therefrom his existence became four-dimensional, metaphysical and included multiple travel and living in all four corners of the world, romantic love, fatherhood – and a book.



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Vladimir Poliakovhas quoted2 years ago
As a group, we investors are inevitably average, so beating the market is a zero-sum game. (After our investment costs are deducted, of course, it becomes a loser’s game.)
Vladimir Poliakovhas quoted2 years ago
Start early and invest regularly. Know what you’re buying. Preserve your buying power. Keep costs and taxes low. Diversify your stock portfolio [and diversify your stock risk with a bond portfolio].”
Yisus Garcíahas quoted2 years ago
in what circumstances and why did primitive man first begin to speak? What were the first human ‘words’ like? What were the early steps by which human language developed? Such questions have been asked at least since the days of Plato and the writers of the stories of the Garden of Eden and the Tower of Babel in Genesis; since the eighteenth century (since, for example, Herder’s essay of 1772, Über den Ursprung der Sprache) interest in them has been continuous.


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