Raniyah Alihas quoted7 months ago
I didn’t cry at the hospital. I didn’t cry at the funeral. I haven’t cried since my father died when I was sixteen years old. Yet here. Now. With her I let go. And I sob in her arms.
антонhas quoted2 years ago
Despite the games’ differing topics and scope, each of them took advantage of this hex grid to implement a concept called a Zone of Control.

Mechanically, a Zone of Control (ZOC) is easy to explain: a combat unit’s presence in any one hex is sufficient to exert some set of effects on the six hexes immediately adjacent to it. Maybe an enemy unit has to expend more movement points to enter and leave a ZOC hex (reflecting the friction of skirmishing patrols in modern warfare) or maybe the unit must immediately stop and enter into combat (reflecting what would happen when a Union and Confederate regiment found each other eyeball to eyeball across an open field
антонhas quoted2 years ago
Gaming at the Naval War College at Newport, Rhode Island for example, has historically involved computer simulations, role-playing and discussion, and officers moving miniature ships around on the floor with rulers and protractors.
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