A Beautiful Composition of Broken, r.h. Sin
r.h. Sin

A Beautiful Composition of Broken

61 printed pages
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A Beautiful Composition of Broken is inspired by some of the events expressed artistically by Samantha King in the bestseller Born to Love, Cursed to Feel. It serves as a poetic documentary of the lives of people who have been mistreated, misunderstood, and wrongfully labeled in a way that limits them in this world. The author’s most personal volume yet, A Beautiful Composition of Broken builds a conceptual bridge between r.h. Sin’s earliest work and his forthcoming series, Planting Gardens in Graves.
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Jovana Ostojić
Jovana Ostojićshared an impression7 months ago
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🌴Beach Bag Book


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Kimi Dennis
Kimi Dennishas quoted2 years ago
i found more of myself
in the loneliest of hours
Jassy Krisline
Jassy Krislinehas quoted8 months ago
there’s nothing more confusing
and painful to a woman
than being told that she’s amazing
by a man who treats her like
she’s not good enough to commit to

Man this hit my soul like a meteroid 😔

alannawilliams0697has quotedlast year
3:29:50 p.m.
what is it that you love about him
is it the way he lets you down
incapable of lifting you up
is it the way your heart breaks
when he says something
that shatters your self-esteem
is it the fact he never shows up
when you need him
tell me again
what is there to love
about a man who doesn’t love you
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