Nadia Fezzani

Nadia Fezzani is a Canadian journalist/author who has conducted extensive research and interviews with many notorious American serial killers. She is known in Europe as having interviewed American serial killer Richard Cottingham for a French documentary that first aired on TF1, Enquêtes et révélations. The first person to interview Cottingham in 30 years, Fezzani got him to admit his culpability for the first time, as well as many more murders. She is also part of November 84, a documentary on children's disappearance.She wrote a book in French, Mes Tueurs en Série, which was a Best-Seller in 2014. Through interviews with Serial Killers and professionals (profilers, criminologists, neurologists, etc.), we discover how someone becomes a Serial Killer, what triggers them and what could have been done to prevent such behavior. The title of the English edition is Through the Eyes of Serial Killers: Interviews with Seven Murderers.More recently, she published a book on Real Life Super Heroes, Mission Superhéros, where we accompany her during her patrols with those individuals who dress up at night and fight crime. She brings us into their universe and provides insights into their psyche through interviews.--Fezzani first covered interviews with famous athletes for five years and was in charge of the media relations for the Montreal Matrix and the Buffalo Sharks basketball teams. She also conducted interviews with music stars, such as Dave Navarro and Nickelback. She has published in magazines and newspapers including Journal de Montréal, Montreal Metro, 24 Heures, Dernière Heure, UMM, Bobbi, Les Canadiens, Summum, Summum Girl, Hometown Hockey, Samedi, etc.Ms. Fezzani gives conferences on the Serial Killers topic, as well as bullying, to students and to different organizations (colleges, professional associations, police, etc.). She also works with production companies on TV documentaries.


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