Through the Eyes of Serial Killers, Nadia Fezzani
Nadia Fezzani

Through the Eyes of Serial Killers

386 printed pages
Journalist Nadia Fezzani spent years probing the minds of serial killers in search of answers to unsettling questions: What went on in their heads as they prepared for their next crime? What drove them to murder not once, but habitually? Were they born killers, or had they begun as normal individuals and been somehow transformed into predators?

Fezzani conducted groundbreaking, uncensored interviews with multiple-murderers behind bars. The account she pieces together from interviews, psychological research, criminal profiling, and genetic studies, is as unsettling as it is undeniable. The scars of abuse, and cold-blooded logic all emerge as Fezzani dissects serial killers' personalities in a quest to understand those who have committed unthinkable crimes.

Through the Eyes of Serial Killers explores the leading theories on the psychology of serial killing, victim selection, and telling signs of potentially dangerous mental disturbance. It is hoped that a clear-headed understanding of serial killings can unlock better strategies to prevent, or even predict this rarest and most evil of crimes.
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