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Michael O'Mara

  • Marianahas quoted2 years ago
    • Create an actionable plan
  • mr4251754has quoted5 months ago
    But evolution is not a process of increasing complexity, nor any other measure of superiority you can find.
  • Валентинhas quoted8 months ago
    Don’t make the same mistake twice. Make it six or seven times just to be sure.
  • Ma.Jhonileen P. Javillonarhas quoted7 months ago
    Watership Down (1972)
  • bootumlumtalahas quoted6 months ago
    ‘All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way’
  • darya vinocurhas quoted7 months ago
    People and Society, but this is naturally because novels are inhabited by characters with human personalities
  • b4079376181has quoted2 years ago
    never shout at your children or partner
  • Sol Ríoshas quotedlast year
    A red sunset sky is usually caused by reflections from minuscule dust particles trapped high in the atmosphere by conditions that occur before fine weather.
  • b8981940362has quoted2 years ago
    For someone else to believe in you, you must first believe in yourself
  • b3193156074has quoted6 months ago
    Stationery/Stationary Paper and envelopes/Remain still

    Канцеларијски материјал / стационарни папир и коверте / остају непомични

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