Kate Keenan

Kate Keenan CPsychol AFBPsS BA BSc MSc MPhil
Author, Public Speaker, Columnist, Business Mentor and Coaching Psychologist.

Kate runs a successful business consultancy which supports business owners and managers in understanding and developing the key knowledge and skills required to become effective managers and leaders.

She is passionate about helping people to perform better and enjoy their work more by providing explanations and frameworks on which they have built both job and personal satisfaction.

Kate is specifically interested in helping entrepreneurs and owners of SMEs maximise the prime asset of their business – themselves.

Kate's business experience as an Occupational Psychologist has involved working with both corporate and independent organisations. She has created many successful programmes which have enabled companies to identify and resolve internal management issues. She has also worked with individuals to help them exploit and grasp opportunities to enhance their personal development.

During her work as facilitator, psychologist, business skills trainer and professional life coach, Kate has accumulated a series of practical and transformative evidence-based strategies designed to help people make the most of their opportunities, both business and personal. During that time, she has also become an experienced small business mentor and professional life skills coach.

She has over 20 years experience as a chartered psychologist. She is an Occupational Psychologist, registered with Health Care Professions Council. She has a post-graduate qualification in Mental Health Studies from Kings College, London.

Kate is the author of the ‘Management Guides’, a series of 14 books which are designed to help business owners manage themselves better. The books offer guidance on a wide range of management topics which support the enhancement of productive performance and are now published in electronic format.

The Management Guides ebooks offer guidance on specific topics to enhance productive performance, which include:

Managing, Asserting Yourself, Delegating, Handling Stress, Managing Yourself, Motivating, Planning, Running Meetings, Selecting People, Solving Problems, Negotiating, Making Time, Communicating and Understanding Behaviour.

The series is dedicated to ‘those who would like to manage better, but are too busy to begin.’

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