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A.B. Darling Little



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Chapter Six: Knotting

She spends a little while in the dark the next time she wakes, looking around to study her new environment. She's swaddled in a soft cotton of some sort and is very warm. There's a toy over her head that makes little musical noises when Daddy turns it on. She doesn't remember the last time she wakes feeling sated and safe like this, with nothing waiting for her to do except coo and look pretty. She sucks the pacifier in her mouth lazily and lazes in bed all morning, turning a little when she feels restless. She's in a giant crib of some sort, the sides barred with wooden pillars to keep her from falling out of the bed.
It begins with a slight pinch in the pit of her stomach, and then a clench of muscles at her bum.
She knows it was going to happen sooner or later despite her liquid diet, but she still can't resist the urge to hold it in and make it go away.
"Daddy," she whimpers when the pain becomes too much for her to bear in silence. She's grown so used to Daddy coming in and making all the pains and worry go away that calling for him is an involuntary thing now.
When there's no sign of him coming to her, her eyes begin to burn with tears. She whimpers and curls up like a caterpillar in her swaddle, unable to curl her arms around her stomach the way she wants to because she's wrapped up too tightly.
"Daddy!" she cries loudly the same moment her body gives up trying to hold everything in and she's dirtying the diaper, warmth spreading between her legs and on her back.
She starts crying at how awful it feels, wet and sticky and dirty. She doesn't like it at all.
"Daddy," she whines, curling up and sniffing pathetically in her crib. "Daddy, daddy, daddy..."
"Oh no," Daddy hurries into the room. "What's wrong, baby?"
"Daddy," she cries, looking up beseechingly at him.
Even as he says it, she can see his nose scrunch up at the smell
Julia Miras Félixhas quotedlast year
Chapter One: New Life

Julia Miras Félixhas quotedlast year
Chapter Ten: Knot

His precious baby girl starts crying again in the middle of the park and there's nothing he could do to make her stop, not even when he tickles her, which usually does the trick when she's not full-on bawling these days, so he apologizes to Jess and quickly takes her home. She's sniffling and hugging her wolf tightly to her the whole time, looking incredibly unhappy.
"What's wrong, baby? Hmm? What's wrong?" he asks, pressing his cheek to hers to feel her temperature. He's perpetually worried about her getting sick again.
The doctors thought she wasn't going to make it and told him to make preparations several times, but he couldn't bring himself to do it, not when he's at fault. He should've been more careful. She's such a precious darling. The thought of her getting sick is enough to make him worry anew and he kisses her cheeks.
She feels a little bit warm, but that could've been from all the crying. "Do you want another bottle, darling? Are you hungry?" he asks.
She smells like soap and outside, which makes his wolf seethe a little bit because he likes it better when she smells like him.
He had been getting her used to him touching her, fingering her open and getting her ready. Maybe now, she's ready for him to knot her.
He puts her in the playpen in the living room and gets a bottle ready for her. Maybe he can distract her with a bottle while he breaches her. She's so tiny, but he's confident she is ready to take him now. When he gets the bottle ready, he goes to the living room and lifts her up and into his lap. She's used to being in his lap now while she suckles on her milk bottle. It's just going to be a little different today.
He tells her as much and adjust the temperature a little bit higher so that she won't catch a cold. Then, he strips her and takes her nappy off. She hasn't wet herself yet. She usually does it after a feeding. He takes off his own clothes too and notices how she blushes and keeps her eyes averted.
She giggles at him when he holds her by her waist, and then lurches for her bottle the second she has it in sight.
"Precious thing," he chuckles, peppering her with kisses as he catches her and hoists her up and into his lap. He hands her the bottle and she starts drinking her usual way, by not drinking it at all, nibbling adorably on the nipple first, like she's considering chewing it off entirely. She's a glutton, his little precious.
He brings her in closer and breathes in her scent. She smells a little more like him without all the outside clothes in the way. He pinches her nipple between his fingers and grins at the way she squeaks. She lowers the bottle a little and murmurs a confused, "Dada?"
"Drink your milk, baby," he says and palms his cock, breathing her pure scent by pressing his nose close to her pulse. She smells lovely.
She resumes chewing on the nipple for a few seconds while he plays with her nipples and between her legs. His cock throbs, getting hard easily. It had been a long while since he had fucked someone. He promised not to do it until she's ready and she smells ready now, all sweet and perfect.
He lifts her up a little and guides the head of his cock to her opening, lowering her down slowly. Her entire body tenses immediately and he pauses. "Shh... Drink your milk, baby," he says.
She's such an obedient baby girl. She doesn't even hesitate and begins drinking her milk, tilting her head back a little and sucking little mouthfuls. She's not sucking in air now and is a lot more careful.
He waits until she's relaxed and distracted before lowering her a little bit more, groaning as the head of his cock penetrates her tight heat. Her breath hitches and her walls tighten around his cock, and then she swallows a mouthful of milk and relaxes, so he lets her down a little more.
She lets out a little sob every time he gets deeper, but she's relaxed and sweet, pliant and trusting him completely to take care of her. "That's it, lovely," he groans as he breaks through her hymen, taking her virginity. Blood rushes to his c
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