A.B. Darling Little

Total Surrender

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Eighteen-year-old Millie wakes with her wrists and ankles tied. It's for her own safety, the strange doctor tells her, fangs sharp and biting his lower lip. She would be more inclined to believe him if he wasn't a vampire and isn't looking at her like she's his next meal. The more she struggles, the tighter the bindings on her are, trapping her in place while the doctor checks to make sure she's in perfect condition.

According to him, she volunteered for this weeks ago. He has her signature and a video recording of her to confirm that yes, she did ask to be tied up. It gets worse. Not only has she agreed to transform herself into a perfect little, she has been adopted by a vampire and werewolf who are eager to bring her to her new home.

Millie thinks there must have been a mistake somewhere. She doesn't remember any of that!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“Is she okay?” Oliver's face appears on top of her and he is a little scary-looking in the dark, especially the way his eyes glow. He flashes his teeth at her, probably an attempt at a smile.

Her eyes begin to water immediately. “Ah— ah,” she whimpers unhappily, wriggling as she tries to get away from him. The space is too limited for her to do much and the swaddle makes it impossible for her to move much at all.

“Shh… Shh…” Doctor William is suddenly there too. He quickly reaches into the crib and lifts her up, swaddle and all. “It's alright, darling. Those are your Daddies. They're just here to make sure you're alright. You've had quite a scare yesterday,” he tells her like he's not sure if she had forgotten.

Now that she's thinking about it… she doesn't remember why she should be upset. There are vague recollections of someone touching her, but she doesn't remember what happened beyond that.

“Daddy?” she murmurs, sleep-laden and confused as she looks up at Doctor William. She knows he's not her Daddy and she shouldn't call him that, but now that she's said it, it feels right. “Daddy,” she whines, holding onto him tightly when the swaddle comes undone, giving her back use of her arms.

“Shh… Come now, be a good girl for your Daddies, okay?” he says in a tone that is only slightly chastising but it's enough to make her eyes water again, especially when he begins to shift her in his lap like he's prepared to hand her over to someone else.

“No, no,” she whimpers, struggling. There's another, more dire problem. Her bladder feels too full and she really needs to use the restroom.

“Be a good girl, darling,” Doctor William insists, handing her over to John.

She kicks and struggles in his grasp, not wanting the stranger to hold her so tightly, not when she's feeling an urgent pressure in her stomach and not ever. But the more she struggles, the less control she has over her bladder and the more she feels like she needs to pee.

“What's wrong, baby girl?” John asks, tilting his head away every time she tries to headbutt him.

She whimpers and makes a sort of unhappy, grunting noise that she's never heard herself make before. She wishes she had the pacifier. She must have lost it some time in the night while she was sleeping. She wants it back and she wants— “Daddy,” she reaches for Doctor William with both arms, whimpering pathetically.

“I'm terribly sorry,” he says when both Oliver and John glare at him. “That's part of the reason why I had you two come in today. I'm afraid the trauma has made her imprint on me. It'll be best for you two to take her away as quickly as you are able.”

“Of course,” Oliver is the first to respond. He combs her hair away from her eyes and steps in the way, blocking her view of Doctor William. “What's wrong, sweet baby?” he asks even though she's glaring as hard as she can at him, conveying her unhappiness by furrowing her brows and pursing her lips at the older man. He smiles as though her annoyance is amusing to him.

It doesn't help that she feels like she's at her limit and is going to spill at any second.

“I think she has to relief herself,” Doctor William says. “She had a bottle before I put her to sleep earlier.”

Her eyes dart to him in panic and betrayal.

“Is that all?” John sighs. “Just let go, baby girl. That's what you diaper is for. Daddy will change you right away, so you don't have to worry about being all icky.”
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