Keisha Starr

Born as Keisha Wizzart in Baltimore, Maryland, Keisha Starr has always had a passion for creative writing and music. Throughout her school years, Keisha wrote school plays, cheers, and poetry which landed her as a published author when she was merely 13 years old. Her family formed one of the first Reggae collectives in Baltimore, MD called "The Determination Band" which opened her world to the art of music. Keisha Starr traveled all over with her family as they performed and even graced the stage herself at the tender age of 10. For Keisha, music was a way of releasing her inner emotions and getting in sync with her true self.

Learning at a young age that she had both the gift of singing, as well as writing, Keisha Starr began penning her first collection of songs by the age of 16 and was in the studio recording her first CD titled "True Confessions" by the age of 18. Before long, Keisha's edgy mixed with poetic style of writing swept through her hometown. She then began to write music not only for herself but for other local artists. Keisha Starr's talent has since caught the eyes of major record executives from Island Def Jam and Universal Records who personally contacted her to purchase music. Keisha also wrote monthly publications for various magazine publications such as Iconography the Magazine and Ezo Magazine.

Most recently, Keisha Starr has added "Best Seller Author" to her list of credentials. Her short story "Dying to be a Star" which was published in Nikki Turner's Street Chronicles: A Woman's Work, was a proven success. Keisha Starr also has an anthology titled, "Diary of a Boss Chic," which features her short story "V-Power." Her lasted urban fiction titled, "Jamaican Me Go Crazy" is being released under her very own publishing company "ExSTARdinary Publishing. Be on the lookout for this ExSTARdinary author/songwriter because she is doing big things not only in her hometown of Baltimore, but worldwide!


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