Keisha Starr

Jamaican Me Go Crazy

Jamaica Johnson was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.  She watched her parents transition from being big time hustlers in the mean streets of Baltimore to cleaning up their dirty money and becoming wealthy and well-respected entrepreneurs.  Wanting change for their children, Jamaica’s parents tried their best to instill a work ethic into their daughter, but the damage was already done.  Jamaica’s early exposure to the fast life inspired her to do it B.I.G without ever obtaining a J.O.B.
Now, having to face adulthood sooner than she expected, Jamaica is determined to make it on her own without the help of her parents.  However, with her champagne taste and beer budget, she desperately needs to find a way to flip her savings before the money runs out.  Jamaica, alongside two friends, link up to acquire fast money.  The three women come up with a brilliant business scheme that is sure to satisfy everyone’s hunger for riches —  a very risky yet profitable business called “Las Chicas.”  With their motto, “Home away from Home,” these girls rope in some other go-getters to become household names in the streets of Baltimore.
But the money and fortune that brings power, exposes envy and greed.  Lifelong friendships and relationships are put to the test.  Valuable life lessons are learned, but does anyone wipe the dollar signs away from their eyes in time to see the truth?
Jamaican Me Go Crazy is fast-paced drama at its best that will keep you turning the pages until the very shocking end.
314 printed pages
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