Jonah Berger


Bobby Marleyhas quoted2 years ago
marketing isn’t about trying to convince people to purchase things they don’t want or need. Marketing is about tapping into their genuine enthusiasm for products and services that they find useful. Or fun. Or beautiful. Marketing is about spreading the love.
Bobby Marleyhas quoted2 years ago
When writer and editor William F. Buckley Jr. was asked which single book he would take with him to a desert island, his reply was straightforward: “A book on shipbuilding.”
Deddy Alfiannurhas quotedlast year
Social Currency

We share things that make us look good


Top of mind, tip of tongue


When we care, we share


Built to show, built to grow

Practical Value

News you can use


Information travels under the guise of idle chatter
Drag & drop your files (not more than 5 at once)