Nick Trenton

    Twinkle Faith Bacayohas quoted4 months ago
    If we hope to successfully tackle overthinking, we need to take a step back rather than trying to work through the problem from inside our own rumination.
    Blagojehas quotedlast year
    It’s not the load, but how you carry it.”
    b3928777065has quoted5 months ago
    With the right techniques, we can reframe our perspective and change our behavior, stopping us from overthinking and putting our brains to good use instead
    Maicka Gaizhas quoted10 days ago
    Overthinking is excessively harmful mental activity,
    b8409800589has quoted9 months ago
    There comes a point in many people’s lives when they feel quite keenly that they have absolutely no idea who they are.
    b1341745593has quoted3 months ago
    Our brain is an extraordinarily helpful tool, but when we overthink, we only undermine its power
    Melissa Piedrahas quoted14 days ago
    Stress and anxiety are not the same thing
    Tamara Sancaninhas quotedlast year
    less is more, always work backwards, and most things don’t matter.
    Tamara Sancaninhas quoted7 months ago
    The third step is to identify these tasks and actions. You can get an idea of useful tasks by looking to other successful people, but beware: you may find success doing the exact opposite! Once you’ve identified useful actions, make as many of them habitual/automatic as possible by building them into routines.
    sanjalicadreamerhas quotedlast month
    Briefly, according to the 80/20 principle, 20% of causes or inputs into any sort of endeavor result in 80% of the outcomes and results.
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