Eric Culpepper

Pimps the Raw Truth

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Pimps: The Raw Truth: Grand Inquisitor Level Pimpnological Conclusions is a sheltered mind-blowing, gross misconception shattering excursion into a parallel dimension that has perpetually existed right next to you in the redlight district just a few short blocks outside of your comfort zone that is ultimately the closest that you can legally come to completely understanding the grossly misunderstood netherworld of pandering and prostitution that is about comprehending how, as opposed to being a form of Alpha masculinity, pimping is in fact a way to have whores, not a way to have women, that is in fact a form of sexual militancy that employs the vagina as a weapons system, as opposed to a human reproductive system.

For all of the worry warts out there, ignorance is not the solution. The individuals that you are morbidly afraid will attempt to use the information in this book to abuse and exploit women are in stark reality not even able to read it because they have never had a high enough level of literacy to do so.

A woman ultimately has only two dimensions, anxiety and maternal instinct, and if intensified, one dimension has the ability to overpower and completely neutralize the other. And given this, a woman is either a totally loving and devoted wife and mother or an indefatigably demoralizing whore.

Whores are precisely counter-reactionary extremists who have extremely warped concepts of strength, masculinity and self-determination who view men as monsters, life as victimization and have a religious conviction that relationships just don't work and given these facts, at its core, pimping is ultimately not about getting a piece of the action, but a piece of the counter-reaction.

Pimps: The Raw Truth Grand Inquisitor Level Pimpnological Conclusions is absolutely not for the faint of heart, it is a completely no holds barred work of tremendous insight into the core internal dynamics and true root causes of epidemics of human trafficking that is so raw and brutally honest that even many pimps can't handle it because it completely graphically exposes pimping to be something that many woefully ill-informed pimps have never even remotely imagined pimping to be.

Pimps: The Raw Truth is not another run of the mill collection of hustler's tales that ultimately tell you absolutely nothing, Pimps is in fact an unimaginable wealth of insight into the behavioral profiles and environmental factors that drive individuals to live the self-detrimental lifestyle that is relentlessly pursued by panderers and prostitutes complete with the real world functions of all of their auxiliaries, omen and morbid appendages.

Pimps are merely master victims who are the Kings of minuscule Kingdoms that are built on the mess that other people have created and as such pimps are masters of isolating women and causing them to fly backward by turning them into multi-state in-flight felons.

Pimps: The Raw Truth peers deep into the murkiest depths of the psyche of pimps and prostitutes and explains why whores are the bipolar opposites of ladies, how to very clearly and precisely distinguish the difference between whores and ladies, why whores in fact do not choose pimps, why runaways are drawn to pimps, why cops act like thugs with government resources, why men pay prostitutes, why women get involved in serial abusive and exploitive relationships, why homosexuals and feminists are constantly at odds with whores and bisexuals, why players are not and absolutely do not succeed as pimps, why criminal organizations ultimately fail, the mysterious parallels between priests and pimps and the reasons why prostitution centers worldwide are invariably likewise religious centers.
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