Eric Culpepper


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those who are not aware of it, it is vital to understand that there are cultures of people whose entire approach to life is totally self-destructive, these are people who view every aspect of life as destructive and every activity that they engage in becomes an absolute and complete disaster as a direct result of what are invariably normal reflex actions.
This is exactly the reason why people from constructive environments refer to sex as making love while people from totally self-destructive and dysfunctional cultures refer to sex with destructive terms such as fucking, slamming, banging, drilling, beating it up, tearing it up and busting it wide open just to name a few terms that are commonly used.
andresbrito80has quoted4 months ago
I often say that God only gave women two weapons with which to fight men and those two weapons are their asses and their children; therefore epidemics of prostitution invariably directly precede epidemics of gangsterdom.
This is in fact the reason that epidemics of prostitution and gangsterdom invariably follow wars and cultural revolutions and prostitution is dramatically proliferated by completely unchecked corruption; especially police brutalization of women and children.
As a grand inquisitor theologian master of whoredom who has spent a lifetime immersed in the lurid world of pandering and prostitution I can tell you that a very simple completely fool proof means of distinguishing a whore from a lady is how a given woman makes you feel.
Dealing with healthy women is a wonderful experience that people want to experience over and over again and when someone encounters a wonderful lady, no matter who they are, they feel that they have been bettered as a person for having met her and they hope that they meet that person again very soon.
Over the years I have amusingly observed as young men have gone far out of their way to display uncharacteristic courtesy toward people and sat up and pretended to read books to impress perfectly healthy ladies. However, whores invariably get the waste dump treatment
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