Burgers, Food Trucks, and Southern Cuisine -- The Ultimate Foodie's Guide

All hail the American dream of great food.
East Coasters might brag about Shake Shack, but there's no doubt that In-N-Out reigns throughout the West Coast. That's right -- drool over the Animal Fries! And it comes as no surprise that this burger joint is still family owned and not franchised out. Maybe that explains how the quality remains top-notch. An insightful read into the business dealings, but In-N-Out fans can get a peek into just how the burgers are made.
Friendships are built on love and food. Let's be honest. There's nothing better than catching up over a hearty meal. Jocelyne Rapinac's debut features short stories of friends and foods, and each chapter tells a different story and connections to each other.

Best part? At the end of each chapter, the author includes recipes for all the yummy dishes she mentioned in each story. Now that's the way to our hearts.
They say you find only the best BBQ in Texas. Truly. But what exactly /is/ BBQ? And what is the criteria for a damn good one? Turns out, BBQ is the opposite of grilling. It's slow cooking at low temperatures, so the meat doesn't dry up, but remains super juicy. And the wood you use might even give the meats some of that smoky flavors as well. Well damn! Who knew there was so much technique to what seemed like a simple process?
Creole food is a mainstay especially in the south of USA. It's one of the first fusion foods, drawing inspiration from the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Vanessa Bolosier digs through her old recipes from her childhood to bring us these amazing original collection of recipes from the French Caribbean. Think Prawns Colombo to Creole Cassoulet. Mmm!
From Fourth of July parties, to lazy Saturday movie nights, the burger is an versatile, all-encompassing dish that satisfies the soul, and the palate in so many ways. Kate McMillan's cookbook has something for everyone - from the vegetarian to the meat-lover, and from the elaborate to the simple.
Burger Night, Kate McMillan
The key to a good ol' home BBQ is honestly just a foolproof guide. Don't shake the boat unless you know what you're doing. And if you don't, then leave it to BBQ maestro Adam Lang to give you all the basics you need to know - and the recipes too - so you can convince all the guests that you have over for Memorial Day that you're a professional over the smoker and the grill.
From bacon to pork belly to ribs and pulled pork, the pig is arguably the one that contributes the most. I mean, eat the trotters if you will too! Chris Chamberlain's guide takes you from farm to table, introducing you to all the parts of this versatile animal, and teaches procedures and recipes to prepare all sorts of wonderful dishes. And of course, because no man can master a skill in a day, he also features 50 of the most excellent restaurants in the South featuring the best of pork dishes. So whether is it a hidden joint in Atlanta or an excellent BBQ joint in Kentucky - you're totally set.
Jane and Michael Stern are probably one of the most prolific food writers in America, having written over 40 books. And this book brings us the slow-life, delicious food and laidback attitude of The Cottage, one of SoCal's beloved restaurants. Even if you don't get a chance to head there anytime soon, reading this will make you feel like you're sitting out in the warm sun, taking in the smells of Belgian waffles and seafood omelettes over jazz tunes.
From high to low food culture, there's no question American food has changed radically in the last fourteen years, just as the market for it has expanded exponentially. The rise of Food Network, food photography, cookbooks, and the non-cookbook concept like Food52 has taken over the American culinary scene. This isn't just a boring encyclopaedia (as its name might suggest), but a starter kit into the overwhelming landscape of Americana food for those who are new.
From the mountains of West Virginia to the bayous of Louisiana, there’s a lot of ground to cover—geographically and culinarily speaking, of course.

So where to begin in the hunt for some of the best food trucks in the South? From reimagined tacos, to burgers, biscuits and BBQ, meet the food truckers who are heading up one of the country’s most popular dining traditions. And of course, read about the recipes that have made them a household name.
Anthony Bourdain might very well be USA's national chef and icon. What he says is authority, and if he tells you not to eat at a certain place - you better listen to him. The Nasty Bits contains bite-sized hilarious, witty accounts of his worldwide misadventures. Like eel shopping in Vietnam's markets. It's not so much focusing on American food here, but we'll give his book a shoo-in into the shelf because Bourdain is an all-American man here.
They say a southern home is never fit for guests unless it has a pitcher of sweet tea ready to be doled out. And it goes to say, lots of tea will be spilt (figuratively) when you gather in the presence of Southern belles.
Are you a connoisseur of fast food? Do you try out all the items on the menu and grade them in your head? This hilarious, brutally honest fast food reviews are just what America needs to combat its dependency and proliferation of fast food. Yes, some are delicious, but let's be honest -- a lot of the items on the menu have dubious origins, and most of them are way too sugary, fatty and artery clogging. But hey - it ain't America without all the fast food.
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