American Classics: For Beginners

Famous books from the USA. Made easier for all to understand. Great if you're learning English.
The mark of sin becomes too much for one woman to bear. Can she and her child born out of wedlock ever live a normal life?
The original literary rebel, and his quest to help a slave on the run.
Mark Twain's story of a boy looking for adventure: and a partner in crime to join him.
Edgar Allen Poe's Parisian murder mystery.
Henry James' famous story of a rich man's daughter looking for love -- and her father's approval.
Washington Square, Henry James
An all-time American favourite; retold for those learning English.
A mysterious Countess, on the fringes of high society, is a dangerous friend for a young man to have...
Age of Innocence, Edith Wharton
A collection of famous short stories from a macabre master.
A spririted young woman brightens up the title character's poor rural existence on a Massachusetts farm.
Ethan Frome, Edith Wharton
A domestic dog is taken to the great white North in search of gold. But can he survive against the odds?
Dorothy and friends take a peek behind the curtain in this much-loved tale of finding the way home.
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