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Perhaps you'll win your next argument in a bit more of graceful manner if you read this one.
If you ever wanted to understand what it means to be human, check out this series of interviews with the world's leading philosophers!
He founded so much of what fed film conversations in the present. Take the hour.
He's one of the masters, why not sit down with this quick read in order to sound a bit more knowledgable at your next dinner party.
If you've read Plato, next is Socrates.
The erudite are more respected, catch up on Plato.
Your next dinner party will be a lot more interesting if you listen to this one...
With political disruption surmounting across the world, it may be good to get a little more education in politics.
A good, graphic guide to understanding Philosophy.
We believe science is value-free, that it's black and white, but is that really true?
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