Northern Lights: Great Canadian Writers

Some maple-scented literary gems from our favourite Canadian authors.
An eccentric, often unsettling, and intelligent collection of short stories by a new Canadian writer. The next Margaret Atwood?
Murder, sabotage, adultery, and canopic jars: in the happiest place on Earth... some 200 years in the future.
Not The Smiths song: the Douglas Coupland novel. Just as troubling. Less enigmatic.
Cyberpunk at its finest. A genre-defining collection of short stories from a modern literary great.
Publishing. Fashion. Murder. Money laundering. What's not to love about a book that handles these with wit and sarcasm?
Who knew Saul Bellow was Canadian? This great American novel is a nothing short of a modern classic.

When a washed up actor examines his questionable life choices, he's presented with one last chance to make things right.
Quirky Quebecois tales from a Montreal master.
The genius behind "Generation X" turns his attention to
the lives of technology workers; taking in the finer nuances of geek culture, the rise of Microsoft, and the eventual draw of life in Silicon Valley.
A true Canadian classic – set in picturesque Edwardian Nova Scotia.
Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery
The Grand Dame of Canadian Letters deftly tackles the issue of debt in "Payback": tracing it from ancient times right through to the current financial crisis.
Perry and Lester are happy in their abandoned Florida mall; transforming a junk-filled world of seashells, soda cans, and Elmo dolls into a treasure trove of terrific tech.

And then Kodak and Disney get involved...
Makers, Cory Doctorow
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