Libros para empezar a leer en ingles

Eliana Andrea Castillo Quintero
Eliana Andrea Castillo Quintero
Aqui dejare una lista de aquellos libros sencillos en ingles, es importante tener por lo menos un nivel intermedio.
If you want to read fantasy book, this book is for you, is young and contemporaly, is easy and talk about greek gods.
This book is my currently book and is very easy because is comtemporaly and young book.
The sun is also a star is a youth novel that recommended me to start reading in English, her writer is Nicola Yoon and tells us the love story about Natasha and Daniel, Natasha is an illegal immigrant in United States and Daniel is an American Korean who wants to be a poet.
This book is very easy because Benjamin Alire Sáenz uses a lenguaje comun and daily.
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