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Shameless self-promotion: our 9 most favourite books from our own catalogue. We seek to challenge and inspire readers with unconventional books.
In these forty-eight very short stories, Gregory Norminton once again experiments with form, using his stylish and witty prose to examine the nooks and crannies of our distracted lives -- varied in form and content but united by the task of conveying a complete narrative with the greatest possible economy.
Thumbnails, Gregory Norminton
"A deeply reflective, extraordinarily wide-ranging meditation on the nature of language, infused in its every phrase by a passionate humanism." - Terry Eagleton
"His dozen stories are bracingly different, weaving changes in tone and format, and in varieties of language, ranging from street-smart to the quasi-academic ... the reader's reward is often to hear the distant rumble of the Gods of rational discourse -- crying out, inciting passion and sometimes laughing as they go." - The Scotsman
Can the Gods Cry?, Allan Cameron
"In this collection of short stories, Allan Cameron focuses on the clash of ideas and perspectives, from the domestic to the world-changing ... Where do we draw the line between mere difference of opinion and complete detachment from reality? On the Heroism of Mortals is buzzing with questions like these, a stimulating, restlessly intelligent collection." - The Herald
Murdered youths in a park covered with blossoms are not only the work of the dark forces of power but also the madness of dogmatic belief: "Chris Dolan knows about crime ... and his first crime novel, Potter's Field, is very good indeed." - Ian Rankin
Potter's Field, Chris Dolan
A mesmerising tale of mystery and romance in an unnamed country, during an unnamed war, with stunning illustrations by artist Mark Mechan. It's short and could be easily finished in one cold, wet afternoon while curled up with a hot cup of cardamom tea.
Aliyyah, Chris Dolan
Scottish women travel as indentured workers to a dystopian racist experiment on Barbados: a dark tale in the Caribbean sunshine elegantly told. The publisher's personal favourite of popular Scottish author Chris Dolan's works!
Redlegs, Chris Dolan
This is one of our most popular books amongst readers. A reviewer in The Independent said this about the book: "Allan Massie treats the evanescent joys and enduring terrible questions with a patient art that begins to feel like life."
A fragmented and suggestive tale of Linnaeus and his fantastically ambitious scientific project: "not only the erosion of the doctrine of the Creation, but even more about the painful loss of the comforting certainty that went with that doctrine, and, most of all, about the unpredictability of the world" - Der Welt
The Garden, Magnus Florin
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