Hector Luis Bonilla

Pregnant Sun

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The mysteries of our solar system continue to be uncovered by this author via his extraordinary Moon Earth Hypothesis: Was Earth a moon once? Are the stars giving birth to moon embryos? We strongly suggest you read this one.

This is the original volume giving credibility to the ancient Mesopotamian document known as the Enuma Elish, Epic of Creation, a.k.a. the Seven Tablets of Creation. The Enuma Elish tells us how solar systems are formed according to the Anunnaki/Sumerians. But this time the ancient past and the inquiring present join: We describe the NASA-confirmed discovery of a YouTuber as he observed and published what we believe to be an Enuma Elish event on the solar surface in 2012: The Anunnaki said it, not us.

When we join that video with the Enuma document, we see the sun in the amazing stages of labor and birth giving baby moons to the big planets. Do not miss this revelation. For, if true, astronomy will need to explore whether the natural moons, the planets, and the stars are some sort of hitherto unknown living organisms. The sun is in labor. Get your baby copy today!
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