Hector Luis Bonilla

The Colors of Armageddon

Great news! Have the latest on Nibiru. True latest, that is. Here: have it right now … there is no Nibiru in our solar system anymore. There was a planet named Nibiru here, yes. But that was 3,000 years ago. Here’s Nibiru today, “I am about 4 light-years away.”

Welcome to the story of the two most important moons of our solar system, daughters of long-gone Nibiru.

This book supports the undeclared series of alternative non-fiction titles called The Chronicles of Moon Earth. The idea is to continue releasing the Bodies of Discoveries made by this author relating to the origin of God, Heaven, Earth, Man, and the Universe.

Ready for this? His work of 37 years leads to the possibility that in the remote past Earth was a moon revolving around the super famous planet of the Anunnaki — the Nibiru of ZetaTalk. Our research indicates that there were a few more moons of significance around the Destroyer, including one called Heaven.

Don't let this surprise the Book of Genesis — yes, moon Heaven!

“And God Star made moon Heaven and moon Earth.”

We caught you! By surprise you enter the possible uncovered histories of moon Heaven and moon Earth extracted from ancient Sumerian clay tablets and the first verses of the Holy Bible. At your Buy button could very well be the revelation required to finally bring to the real light of Supreme Intelligence a new understanding of our true past.

This writer brings it to you raw. His other main sources of study were the Babylonian writer Berossus and Chicago State University Assyriologist researcher Thorkild Jacobsen.

But there is more: with climate change and other surface hazards, Earth is telling us, «I have to move on — I need to grow bigger. Stay away from me if you want to survive. You have to learn to live in the sky.»

Introducing the Free Rise Reactor. Think transferred space energy. A concept that could one day help us live off-planet, improve transportation, and revolutionize energy production.

The author is unmasking the Heavenian people — the ancient gold mining Anunnaki astronauts. This book reveals how the dark side of the Heavenians turned your language, your religion, and the color of your skin into the hatred, war, and famine maladies that reign in our world.

Get ready for the wild pages describing how, reading between the lines, the author discovered that we might be the progeny of a species of hermaphrodite humans that inhabited ancient moon Heaven. Well … could those Berossus beings of a two-fold principle be the species that the people of Heaven genetically/surgically mutilated to create Adam and Eve? Would this have to do with our voracious and varied sexual appetites?

Blasphemy? ha! get your head out of the rabbit hole. wake up, Giant!

These ancient surgeons were the aliens who flew in Earth's airspace in incredible machines. It is portrayed on ancient Egyptian walls. It is written on the Scriptures. No one from planet Earth has ever been to moons Heaven and Earth before, you are among the first. No one has gone so deep into the mysterious cave of our human origins. You'll be one of the first. Buy your super-cool copy of The Colors of Armageddon today!
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