What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, Haruki Murakami
Haruki Murakami

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

162 printed pages
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Timur Gabdulov
Timur Gabdulovshared an impressionlast year
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The book is sort of author’s short running autobiography. Appreciate the style it was written.

IG | @catatanmuaz
IG | @catatanmuazshared an impression3 years ago


Carmen Barranco
Carmen Barrancoshared an impression23 days ago
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Hilda Royn
Hilda Roynhas quoted4 years ago
Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional
Игорьhas quoted5 years ago
As I run I tell myself to think of a river. And clouds. But essentially I’m not thinking of a thing. All I do is keep on running in my own cozy, homemade void, my own nostalgic silence. And this is a pretty wonderful thing. No matter what anybody else says.
Steven Halim
Steven Halimhas quoted3 years ago
Life is basically unfair. But even in a situation that’s unfair, I think it’s possible to seek out a kind of fairness.
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