Louisa May Alcott

Work: a Story of Experience

This story relates, in many of its most important features and incidents, to actual experiences of its author; and in “Christie” we find the views and ideas of Miss Alcott herself expressed in such a way as to make them most interesting and valuable.
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    want something to keep me steady, but I can’t find it. So I whiffle about this way and that, and sometimes think I am a most degenerate creature.”

    “That is only human nature, so don’t be troubled.
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    Christie cuddled the culprit with one hand while she revealed the damaged delicacy with the other, wondering inwardly what evil star was always in the ascendant when Mrs. Wilkins made cake.
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    Souls and bodies should go on together; and you will find that a hearty breakfast won’t spoil the little hymn the morning-glories sung

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