Mark Smith

Taxes for Small Business

Learn the principles of Taxes for Small Business…

Do you have a small business that you filed taxes for last year?

Or did you start one this year that you will need to file taxes for?

If you said yes to either one of these questions then this is the book for you!

Every piece of information in this book is designed to help you understand the different tax laws that went into effect this past January and will take effect on your taxes that you file at the end of the fiscal year. Trump has placed new deduction laws into effect for small businesses and this book goes over how they affect you in the long run.

If you want to know:

- What the new tax laws are
- How to file your taxes
- If you need to file quarterly taxes
- What status will your small business fall under
- The difference between an LLC, or sole proprietor
- Tax tips that will help new business owners this year
- How to determine if you are an employee or a freelance worker
- How to prepare for the coming tax season in advance
- What you need to file on your taxes
- What deductions that you can file or can't file and why
- Whether you should hire a tax professional and why
- And many more…

You will also learn how to file your taxes this year with the proper paperwork and when you need to have your paperwork into the IRS office.

If you are ready to take control over your own business and taxes, or you are starting up a new small business, get your copy of this guidebook TODAY to help you get started!
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