World of Warcraft: Illidan, William King
William King

World of Warcraft: Illidan

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Illidan Stormrage is one of the most powerful beings ever to walk the lands of Azeroth. He is also one of the least understood. Behind his legend, beneath his enigmatic mission, lies a brilliant mind whose machinations are comprehended by few – and trusted by even fewer. Illidan’s righteous reign of justice and vengeance has begun, taking the stunning adventure, intrigue, and heroism of World of Warcraft to a new level.
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342 printed pages
Original publication
Titan Books


Серёжа Прокофьев
Серёжа Прокофьевshared an impressionlast year
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Morten Vagn Nørgaard Kristensen
Morten Vagn Nørgaard Kristensenshared an impression2 years ago
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Jakob Nexø Drud
Jakob Nexø Drudhas quoted6 hours ago
He had come here with a purpose in mind. To oppose the Burning Legion and take vengeance if he could. He would see that through to the bitter end
Ivan Vrdoljak
Ivan Vrdoljakhas quoted3 years ago
“You elves—how can you live so long and learn so little of patience? There is a time for everything, and a place. The best revenge is not hurried.”

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