Anthea Peries

Food Cravings

Food Cravings: Simple Strategies to Help Deal with Craving for Sugar & Junk Food


You know how you constantly seek a specific food every single day?

You instantly reach out for this food during vulnerable moments of your life or after a stressful day? Do you find satisfaction after giving in to sweet treats?

This book will help you understand why you have such an intense desire for a particular type of food and how you can handle this craving. It is not too late to alter your food eating behaviors and habits. It is not easy to replace familiar eating habits but it can be done.

The key is in your hands.Instead of the fridge — open the pages of this book, read the information, and become more informed about the various techniques you can use to curb your food cravings today.Order your copy of Food Cravings: Simple Strategies to Help Deal with Craving for Sugar & Junk Food today.

Act now and buy this book today.
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  • Andreahas quoted4 years ago
    Most likely, after an hour, your craving has subsided and you forget your desire.
  • Andreahas quoted4 years ago
    Remember that it is not an emergency or urgent matter. Some cravings sizzle like firecrackers, others are slow to burn but persistent. Be calm and wait
  • Andreahas quoted4 years ago
    Cravings are instant desire to eat something. But it is temporary and fleeting. Once you learn to identify whether it is just a fleeting craving or real hunger, you will be able to manage your personal eating habits better. You will see that cravings can be curbed without being miserable.
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