Peter DeHaan

Woodpecker Wars

Are You a Spiritual Person?

Which parts? Sorry. Trick question.

All parts of our lives are spiritual. Seriously. It’s just that most people don’t know it.

Do you think of church as a religious activity and everything else as worldly? Do you divide the spiritual from the secular? It’s time to stop compartmentalizing your activities that shove God out of certain parts of your life.

In Woodpecker Wars, author and Jesus follower Peter DeHaan, PhD, shares personal examples from his family, work, and activities. Through narrative, he reveals how you can see God at work in all aspects of your being.

In this book, you’ll discover the spirituality in:

— Your family and your holidays

— Your work and your passions

— Your money and your priorities

— Your health and your recreation

— God’s creation, including woodpeckers!

It’s time to rediscover that everything you do is spiritual. Celebrate living your life to the fullest by exploring the spirituality in all you do. Let’s embrace the sacredness of living. Read Woodpecker Wars to discover more. It’s playful yet profound, quirky yet insightful.

Uncover soul-changing insights that you can apply to your life today to embrace God’s ever-present role in your reality. Then you can enjoy a more holistic, balanced, and fulfilling existence. (No woodpeckers were harmed while writing this book.)

Buy Woodpecker Wars today to embrace the spirituality in all aspects of your life!
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