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Jaime Licauco

Understanding the Psychic Powers of Man (Revised Edition)

A product of Jaime Licauco’s knowledge about psychic and paranormal matters — a summary of the most significant lessons he had learned from years of reading and research, as well as true-to-life experiences of people who shared their psychic stories with him. It is the first book of its kind written by a Filipino author and has become a classic in the field since it first came out in commercial book form in 1978. Although the flavor of the original edition was retained, the new edition contains a great deal of new theories and findings on neuroscience and parapsychology.
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    Валентинhas quoted14 days ago
    The most important function or use of the aura then is for medical diagnosis.
    Валентинhas quoted14 days ago
    what happens in the aura or what he calls the “energy field” is an exact copy of what happens in the physical body, so that it was entirely possible to diagnose an illness before it occurs in the physical body. At varying electrical frequencies, different details show up in the aura.
    Валентинhas quoted14 days ago
    discovered that by looking through glass screens stained with dicyanin dye, he could actually see the aura and study it.

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