A Step Ahead: Movement Activities to Help Develop Children’s Ability to Learn, Ed.D., David L.Biles M.A.
Ed.D.,David L.Biles M.A.

A Step Ahead: Movement Activities to Help Develop Children’s Ability to Learn

Many children find it difficult to behave and function adequately in a classroom setting. In A Step Ahead, author Dr. David L. Biles discusses the practical activities that can help to eliminate the symptoms that come with this problem. This booklet, designed for parents and teachers to use with children, presents activities intended to improve eye tracking for better reading, balance, memory, and concentration for overall academic improvement. A Step Ahead includes information to help you identify potential academic inefficiencies in children; it also provides activities to help with the remediation. Backed by years of research, each section of A Step Ahead lays out its premise, analysis, treatment, and expected results. Guide your children to achieve the academic success they deserve and take the opportunity to create play time with them. You can prepare your children for their future and have fun while doing it with A Step Ahead.
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b0044244847has quoted3 years ago
Time spent horizontally rolling, creeping, and crawling stimulates the vestibular apparatus (inner ear mechanism), triggering the frontal lobe of the brain to produce a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine helps with attention span, memory, and concentration.

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