Simon Michaels

The Path Leads Here

Finding a way to deal with the stresses, pressures, and anxieties of modern living can be hugely challenging. This book collection of contemplations and simple exercises can help.
The Path Leads Here: How to Live Mindfully in a Busy World, helps us understand how to change perspective, and how to re-think the ways we deal with everyday stresses at work and at home. Topics include:

Waking up and feeling good
Why gratitude is a win-win
How to rest the mind
Why kindness is good business
How we perceive reality
The joy of being a nobody
Facing-off fear
Mindfulness exercise instructions
and more…

The more you practice the ideas contained within these pages, the more you will reclaim the life you deserve, and the happier and more contented you­–and the people around you–will become.

The Path Leads Here is a blueprint for more confidence, improved resilience, better relationships, and a happier life.

Business consultant and meditation teacher, Simon Michaels, has distilled decades of experience into the contemplations and exercises in The Path Leads Here.  Simon works both with organisations and individuals to create happier workplaces.
94 printed pages
Original publication
Mindful Work



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