Hector Luis Bonilla

Fix this World

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Now that you are home, let us reconsider the facts. Believe it or not, Covid-19 is not the enemy. The enemy is our devotion to the Economy. Our dependence on the Economy. Notice how desperate the Healthcare Profession is right now. Not enough of everything needed to fight this war against the Pandemic

Believe me, if this world were economy-free, where everyone would work for free, for the good of all, there would be plenty of everything to tackle Covid-19. But that is just one example. There are many.

Commerce is at a standstill. Education, national security, transportation, and sports. Everyone is taking a hit. You know it and I know it. But it is not the virus pulling the trigger. The gun doing the shooting is the monetary system. I kid you not. We are at war. You are a soldier. Read this book. It is the war training manual to fix this world. And, yes, whether you believe C-19 is real or not, STAY SAFE!
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