Elizabeth Coldwell,Olivia London,Kitti Bernetti,Z. Furguson,I.G. Frederick,Jordan Alleyo

Lesbian Love Three

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This is a collection of 6 erotic stories focusing on lesbian themes.

Stories include:

Counter Offer by Z. Ferguson:

It's getting so a girl can't even pass the perfume counter without getting spritzed by lust – and once Etta's sprayed you once, you're hooked…

Sticky Fingers by Elizabeth Coldwell:

Sylvie Noble's cake shop, Sticky Fingers, is loved by all the residents of Wendleby except for Lavinia Crosse, who runs the village committee and is appalled by Sylvie's range of suggestively named cupcakes. Sylvie knows what Lavinia really needs is a lesson in the pleasures of cake – and the opportunity to give in to all the passion she keeps hidden behind her tightly buttoned exterior…

Hide by Jordan Alleyo:

The hide was a prime spot to photograph deer and she was looking forward to seeing the beautiful creatures drinking from the lake. Then a different kind of beauty arrived to commune with nature in more ways than one. She watched rapt as the young woman stripped and pleasured herself on the shore, joining in from her secret hiding place. Sated, she rests, then hears movement outside… something is moving in the water, coming towards the hide …

Stealing Daddy's Girl by Olivia London:

A young woman agrees to meet her father's mistress in a bar. She fully intends to give her some finger-wagging and tongue-lashing and she does… but not of the sort she initially intended!…

Three Way by I.G. Frederick:

Melanie fell in love with Theresa, then discovered a horrid sadist controlled the woman she adored. Revolted by his perverted games, she set aside her own dislike of men to find a better Master for her lover. Melanie even came to terms with the possibility that she might lose Theresa entirely in order to give her what she needed…

Venetian Nights by Kitti Bernetti:

Practical and coldly studious, Elizabeth White arrives in Venice, to investigate mysterious sightings at the Villa di Fiore. With its opulently scented garden and sumptuous furnishings she feels strangely drawn to the place and its order of stunningly beautiful nuns robed in white. Beguiled and intrigued by the sisters' sensual nocturnal worship she realises this is no ordinary convent. What she has yet to discover is that she is to take part in a night of initiation for the gorgeous young Sister Immaculata, and in doing so experience an extraordinary and delectable initiation of her own.

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