Juha Öörni

Introduction to Mystery Shopping

Introduction to Mystery Shopping: How to Become a Mystery Shopper & How to Make Money As Mystery Shopper

Need to make a little extra cash? Looking for an exciting way to do it? Do you want a flexible schedule as well as the potential to earn some pretty good money? And, do you want to have fun doing it? Then you should consider becoming a mystery shopper!

In his book, How to Become a Mystery Shopper and Make Money, author Juha Öörni lays out the steps necessary to become a successful mystery shopper.

In this book, you will learn exactly what a mystery shopper is and how to become one. You will learn the steps need to set yourself up as a successful mystery shopper as well as how to avoid the mystery shopper scams that are all too common these days. The author also provides great tips for tools you will need to be successful, and outlines the characteristics a good mystery shopper should possess.

There are many benefits to becoming a mystery shopper in addition to the money you can earn. It can be fun, almost anyone can do it, and you will perfect negotiating skills that can benefit you throughout life. So, if you have been thinking about a part time job, or a little extra income … take a serious look at becoming a mystery shopper! This book will help you get off to a good start.
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