Ian McDonald

Sacrifice of Fools

&quote;A spell-binding tale of intrigue and empathy.&quote; -SF Site&quote;A powerful and effective story.&quote; -Jo WaltonThey're ancient, power, enigmatic, and here.Eight million alien Shian have come to Earth. Not as conquerors, or invaders, but as settlers. In exchange for their technology, they're given places to live.One of those places in Northern Ireland, where eighty thousand Shian settlers disrupt the old, poisonous duality of Northern Irish life. The Shian remain aloof from the legacy of violence-until a Shian family is murdered down to the last child.Humans and aliens seem on a collision course, unless Andy Gillespie, ex-con, now Shian translator, can hunt down the killer before they strike again. But that's not so easy in Northern Ireland…
356 printed pages
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