Ian McDonald

Empire Dreams

A collection of science fiction stories and novelettes by the Hugo and Philip K. Dick Award–winning author of Desolation Road and Luna: New Moon.
Published in conjunction with his Locus Award–winning debut novel, Desolation Road, Empire Dreams collects some of Ian McDonald’s finest early short fiction, including a several stories that first appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine.
In “Vivaldi,” an astrophysicist contemplates the death of the universe as he hurtles through space to investigate a black hole. A beach bum in Morocco encounters a woman who is curiously full of life in “Radio Marrakech.” An Irish scientist prepares to make contact with aliens as his daughter dreams of fairies in “King of Morning, Queen of Day.” And in the title novelette, a boy is given an experimental treatment that allows him to fight his cancer via virtual reality gameplaying.
As Asimov’sScience Fiction declared, Ian McDonald is “the Frank Herbert, William Gibson, or arguably even Thomas Pynchon of the early 21st century.”
289 printed pages
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