Warren Green

Tricks About Home Repair and Improvement You Wish You Knew Before

Don’t you hate it when something suddenly needed fixing inside your home?

Maybe a leaking pipe, or a faulty electric wiring.

It sucks, isn’t?

And the fact that you need to address the problem immediately adds up to the stress! It's urgent and needs to be repaired right NOW.

A total homeowner disaster!

You start panicking. Running to Home Depot to get some supplies without knowing how to fix anything. Or you start to look for a plumber, electrician, or worst, you are asking your busy neighbor to help you out.

Well, not anymore!

This book will teach you:

Step by step guide and advice on Home Repair and Improvement, even if you've never touched a single repairing tool before Quick Way To Solve Your Problem by Doing it Yourself A Better Understanding of Electrical Wirings and Equipment Being Used [Save Yourself from Emergency Situations] Deal with the misconceptions of Home Repair, and How You Can Become an Expert in a few days How To Get A Fabulous Home Improvement On A Tight Budget

And much MUCH more!

You don't need saving! Build your confidence to fix broken stuff! You can fight against that faulty electrical wiring or any plumbing problem without being broke.

So what are you waiting for?
39 printed pages
Original publication



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